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Keller Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

Ready to take your practice and love of yoga to the next level?

Welcome to Keller Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training Program.

This program was established in the teachings of the Himalayan Institute, which are rooted in a strong lineage of the Himalayan Masters. Drawing from these teachings that have been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years, you will study the foundational texts from which yoga has come into practice, and you will investigate your body and mind as a way to lead you back toward your Self. Not only does yoga help to refine our bodies and minds, it enables us to transcend the strong-holds of old habits and ego-identification.

Our intensive study is designed for focused learning. Potent and regular yogic practices and philosophical studies are the platform from which we teach. Your commitment to our syllabus will immerse you in the yogi’s sacred toolbox for enlightened living.

If you have benefited from the healing effects of yoga and are ready to deepen your practice and share your light with others, then this program is for you. Our training will not only empower you with confidence, you will meet life long friends and a community that will be a source of support and comfort as you take this inward journey of self-discovery, leading you into a life of teaching. As those around you witness the great changes that unfold in your life, you will realize that in every moment, we teach those around us through our example.

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Our Curriculum:

Certification requirements:

Price and Payment Info:

Contact Us to find out if our YTT-200 is right for you.

Our Instructors:

Shanti Nolen was raised in the tradition of yoga and meditation and has practiced the majority of life using the tools and techniques she teaches. She has studied the anatomy and physiology through 14 years as a massage therapist and in college courses in anthropology and nutrition science. She is gifted making anatomy and physiology fun and functional in its application. She her love for practical yoga philosophy are said by students to be life changing and inspiring, making ancient texts digestible to our modern lives and current understanding. From her, you will learn the practice of meditation, mantra, and pranayama as a means of healing, quieting the mind and true self-acceptance.

Tripura Lieberman is a master at asana, cueing, adjustments, reading bodies and teaching teachers how to do the same. Years and training in this art have made her top in her field at teaching bodies of all types to achieve success in yoga asana. She has a way of compassionately pushing you to your comfortable edge and then propelling you to excel with your own body, your own voice, your own experience and innate wisdom. She is a force to guide you to self-inquiry, which is the stepping stone to true self-transformation. Her competency and efficacy are unparalleled.

Aubrey Warren has a health and fitness background. Her contagious authenticity opens hearts through laughter and humble honesty. She is skilled in the art of understanding the psychology of music and the structuring of classes to achieve emotional breakthroughs. She will walk you through how to sequence flows and classes to maximize the efficacy of the intention of each class. With Aubrey, you get a depth of understanding of the core body, the arc of a class and how being you is the most dynamic and needed expression this world and the Spirit requires to be fulfilled.

Visiting Instructors:

During our trainings we sometimes bring in esteemed instructors from the Himalayan Institute to offer more depth and connection to the lineage, enabling a more powerful experience and a strong anchor from which your own inner teacher will blossom and be held steady. In the arms of a living tradition, you can rest assure in the quality of what you learn and what you will teach.

Contact Us to find out if our YTT-200 is right for you.