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Private (One-on-One) Yoga Classes at Keller Yoga

Keller Yoga is the only Yoga Studio in Keller, TX that offers a wide variety of private yoga sessions at affordable prices. Whether you are a total beginner and want to learn the basics, or an advanced yogi, private sessions are always helpful. Subjects include Adaptive Intuitive Yoga Wholeness, Ayurvedic Consultation, Biofeedback Meditation Mentoring, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Private Reiki Session, Yoga + Reiki Session, Yoga for Children with Special Needs, Yoga for Overcoming Trauma.

Private Session Pricing Info

1 Hour Private Session ranges from $70-$100 depending on teacher
90 Minute Private Session ranges from $90-$135 depending on teacher
Weekly Private Sessions $5 discount per session if you register for ongoing weekly private sessions.


Payments are due on the 1st of every month for that month's sessions. Payments received after the 4th are subject to a 10% late penalty. Payments are made via credit/debit card on an autopay system.

Private Session Subjects

Private Adaptive Intuitive Yoga Wholeness Sessions


Adaptive Intuitive Yoga Wholeness

In the 10 plus years Tripua has been teaching yoga and training yoga teachers, she has developed her own style of what she calls Adaptive Intuitive Yoga Wholeness by which yoga postures, meditation techniques, and breath work are applied to an individuals personal body/mind system for optimum health and wellbeing. Tripura has worked with students with all kinds of body/mind challenges such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s disease, High Blood pressure, Thyroid issues, Arthritis, Depression/Anxiety disorders, Weigh management, Physical limitations due to injuries, and more. While Yoga Wholeness is not a “cure” to one’s personal mind/body challenges, it can bring about some relief and overall wellbeing, allowing more mobility, peace of mind, and a positive outlook to the yoga student’s life, and it is a great compliment to any traditional medicine avenues being applied. This practice is done one-on-one with teacher and student.

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Private Ayurvedic Consultation Sessions


Ayurvedic Consultation

Initial Consultation (2hrs):

The Initial Consultation starts with the client filling out an in-depth questionnaire. Once completed, the client may schedule their appointment with a Keller Yoga Ayurvedic Counselor. The appoint will consist of a review of the questionnaire and a simple physical exam. The exam uses observations of facial characteristics, bone structure, hair, nails, skin, pulse, and tongue to provide the counselor with more information to determine the client's natural constitution (aka "Prakruti") and energetic imbalances (aka "Vikruti").

After the the Ayurvedic Counselor has concluded the consultation, research will be done to help make a determination on the client's prakruti / vikruti and to formulate unique recommendations and preventative medicine solutions for the client to incorporate. You will then be contacted to schedule your "Report of Findings" consultation to go over your results and discuss the recommended solutions for you.

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Private Biofeedback Meditation Mentoring Sessions


Biofeedback Meditation Mentoring

Shanti Nolen offers meditation mentoring for adults and children alike who are wanting to learn meditation or deepen their existing practice. This practice can be used to help reduce physical and mental pain, anxiety, fear, self-doubt and sadness. Meditation is also a powerful tool for focusing the mind, utilizing it for creative purposes, establishing a calm clarity that increases peace and joy.
We offer the use of our biofeedback headbands to facilitate the learning and deepening of self-awareness and single pointed focus. Biofeedback is the process of using electronic feedback to help train and gain control of unconscious or involuntary actions, such as heart rate, or brain activity. When you can gain control over involuntary aspects of yourself, greater self-awareness, health, confidence and goal achievement is attained.
These sessions are individually tailored and include relaxation techniques, meditation and mindfulness training. And can lead into our personal transformation program.

Beginner sessions are 30 min for a series of 6 sessions to be completed within 3-6 weeks. You can do as many beginner sessions as you like. Price $240
Advanced sessions are 1 hour for a series of 6 sessions to be completed in 3- 6 weeks. Price $400

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Private Hatha Yoga Sessions


Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the yoga system for restoring balance to the mind and body through poses, breathing techniques, cleansing and mental concentration. You will get one on one instruction in learning the fundamentals of alignment, activation and awareness in different poses. Learn proper breath techniques to enhance your practice as well as reduce stress and anxiety naturally. This is great for beginners who want to build a solid foundation and personal practice or for the advanced practitioner who wants to deepen their personal practice.

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Private Mindfulness Meditation Sessions


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to be effective for all sorts of physical and mental challenges from pain & restlessness to addiction, anxiety and anger. These sessions are focused on giving a systematic way to meditate to improve physical and mental health.

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Private Private Reiki Session Sessions


Private Reiki Session

Private Reiki Session

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Private Yoga + Reiki Session Sessions


Yoga + Reiki Session

This private session starts with a 5-minute conversation between you and Aubrey Warren, where you share any aspects regarding your body or current life-situation that you are currently working through or on and your intention for the session. She will then guide you through a 60-minute yoga practice. The practice will depend on your personal needs, goals and desires. We can move gently and therapeutically, athletically or a combination of both. The session will end with Aubrey guiding you into a meditative, final relaxation where she will perform approximately 25 minutes of Reiki on you and your energetic body. The intention of these sessions are to sooth yourself into alignment via the physical, emotional and energetic systems.

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Private Yoga for Children with Special Needs Sessions


Yoga for Children with Special Needs

Trained in teaching yoga for children with special needs, Judy Wimmer, offers one-on-one instruction to children with varying degrees of physical and mental abilities.

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Private Yoga for Overcoming Trauma Sessions


Yoga for Overcoming Trauma

This one-on-one instruction is for students who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and other trauma related issues. Trained in Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, Judy Wimmer, offers private sessions to help students overcome limitations caused by trauma by using a combination yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

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Private Session Policies

We ask for 24hr notice on rescheduling a private session if you have to miss. We also ask for 30 days notice to cancel your monthly membership. Payment for sessions is made out to Keller Yoga at the beginning of the month to reserve your spot with your instructor. You may lose your session spot if you do not pay by the 4th of each month.